ScentRelief™ is a patent pending system that neutralizes and converts human urine into an effective deer attractant by first targeting and destroying the uric acid that causes odor. At the same time, it retains important compounds found in both deer and human urine. Once the foaming action has stopped, the urine is neutralized. The second step is adding the enhancer - our proprietary Synthesized Identical Compounds (SIC) as found in nature - creating a revolutionary, effective deer attractant.


Never run out of fresh deer attractant again! ScentRelief" is an advanced-technology neutralizing/ conversion system that yields high results. GUARANTEED.

Our Company

Scent Relief LLC was founded by Deane Elliott. Deane is an avid hunter and has spent over 30 years in the patent research business. He holds several patents, and has others pending in the hunting, golf and other industries. While developing his patented Gutcheck® Indicators, he retained the services of Don Bell as a marketing and product development consultant. It was during that time that Deane retained Don’s services to co-develop the ScentReliefTM line of products. Don is the former founder of Code Blue, Top Secret and other scent companies, and has been very instrumental in co-developing this line given his 30+ years of experience in the scent industry.